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the Art Market auction and private sales turnover in 2016 was


Post-War and Contemporary Art represents the largest sector of the Art Market today with 52% of the sales in value.


- Secure an artwork’s acquisition with an expert knowledge about provenance, historical importance and value appreciation.

- Source Blue-Chip artworks privately through specialized networks.

- Bid at auctions and negotiate on private sales.

-Comprehensive research on authenticity and provenance.

- Condition report. Fair market value report.

- Expert handling of dedicated shipping and storage cleverly chosen to be cost-efficient.


- Management of private and public collections. Museum-standard framing, conservation, lighting and installation advices.

- Extensive networks of conservation specialists. Optimisation of Tax strategies. Liaison with heritage and taxation advisors.

- Expert advice on liaison with Foundations, incorporating works in Catalogue Raisonnés and general inventory services.

- Education: private and privileged access to fairs, exhibitions and private collections.

- Insurance valuation and Risk management services.


- Prediction and knowledge of the art market’s trends.

- Risk Analysis.

- Excellent network dedicated to buying artworks to be able to source the best pieces at the best prices.

- Specialized network to sell artworks in order to monetize the assets when the artist’s value is at its peak.

- Handling works with the know-how about conservation, storage, shipping, crating and framing.

- Valorisation of artworks by state of the art research, in-depth essays, potential museum loans…


- Expert curatorial advice.

- Exhibitions planning.

- Advice on Art-lending for tax-planning, cultural or cash-flow purposes (art as sole collateral).

- Advice to sell an artwork: Auction & private sale consignment negotiations.

- Pre-sale & post-sale management and logistics. Liaison with legal & other professional advisors.

- Liaison with artists’ studio for commissions.

Vincent Matthu


Founder - Specialist in 20th Modern & Contemporary Art - Asian Modern & Contemporary Art - American & European Conceptual Art - Belgian Surrealism.

Vincent has unique experience in advising private clients on acquisitions of artworks by Blue-Chip artists since 2001.

Vincent has also accumulated significant experience in advertising which enables him to develop a general good comprehension of marketing. In addition to building and managing the collections of his clients, he has successfully developed long-term investment strategies for private foundations.

Vincent has developed a deep knowledge of the Belgian surrealism movement, Contemporary Korean art as well as American & European Conceptual and Minimalist Art.

Vincent advises our clients on all aspects of their collecting activities, such as identifying and accessing artworks, negotiating & organising sales and acquisitions, curating installations and foreseeing interesting investments. Vincent is very dynamic on three continents : Europe, the Americas and Asia where he has developed strategies for significant collections.

Clara Jorgensen

Research - Administration

Clara Jorgensen is a graduate from the Collecting studies masters’ programme at Warwick University where she wrote her dissertation on the dynamics leading to the creation of a new market for Realist 17th century paintings in 19th century French art market.

While completing her MA she served as an intern in an auction house and art advisory company in the UK. Clara received her BA in Law from Paris Descartes University (Paris VI). As the key contact for research, development and administrative assistant, she supports ARS BELGA’s staff.