Total sales in the Global Art Market in 2018


Percentage of sales in value represented by Post-War and Contemporary Art, the largest sector of the Art Market today.



Short and long-term collection building strategy

Counsel on whether to buy, sell or hold
Collection audits and valuations
Private sale and acquisition negotiations
Curatorial assistance; including research, framing,
conservation, lighting and installation
Logistics assistance; including import/export implications, insurance, shipping, global storage solutions and security
Liaise with legal, heritage, taxation and other professional advisors
Liaise with artists’ estates, foundations and authentication boards
Inventory management solutions

Provide philanthropic advice, from advising on donations and museum loans to the establishment of private foundations and museums



Short and long-term collection building strategy

Sourcing and acquiring works through extensive international networks
Advise on private sales and auction acquisitions
Pre-sale due diligence
Artwork analysis reports
Private sale and acquisition negotiations
Auction bidding
Pre-sale and post-sale management and logistics
Valuation advice

Art Fair guidance


We are cognisant of the fact that art represents a significant and growing share of our clients' assets. We aim to provide out clients with a comprehensive service.

Develop a bespoke buying strategy for works of art that will demonstrate a good potential of value creation

Organise an art asset portfolio
Market intelligence and risk analysis reports
Continuously assess the performance of individual artists
Detect underlying trends within each sector of the market

Identify best channels and optimum time for sale to maximise value



  5- 13 September 2019

Works by Iván Argote, Georg Baselitz , Pamela Berkovic, Jean Boghossian, Jacques Charlier, Dadamaino, Piero Dorazio, Günther Förg, Michel François, Vincent Gicquel, Renaud Gilles, Peter Halley, Olivier Mosset, Richard Nonas, Chung Chang Sup ,
Vittorio Santoro, Takis & Rémy Zaugg.


April 25- June 21, 2019

Works by Carl Andre, Iván Argote, Stephan Balleux, Robert Barry, Georg Baselitz, Otto Boll, Jacques Charlier, Antoinette d'Ansembourg, Michel François, Nadia Guerroui, Will Kerr, Germaine Kruip, Richard Nonas, Gabriel Rico, Vitttorio Santoro,
De Wain Valentine & Rémy Zaugg.


6 - 12 September 2018

Works by Bram Bogart, Jean Corliano, Piero Dorazio, Günther Förg, Peter Halley, Hans Hartung, François Morellet, Olivier Mosset, Chung Sang-Hwa, Takis and Lee Ufan were featured.


8 - 25 November 2018

Works by Apolonia Sokol.


Vincent Matthu


Vincent has a depth of international art industry knowledge, experience and an extensive network built up over eighteen years. He is an astute advisor and highly respected consultant who brings a unique and varied understanding of the art market. For almost two decades, Vincent has helped to build a number of private collections, sourcing off-market works of quality and significance, while maintaining absolute privacy and discretion.

Vincent is an expert of Belgian Surrealism, Postwar and Contemporary Korean Art, American and European Conceptual and Minimalist Art.

Clara Jorgensen

Research and Administrative Assistant

Clara works as Research and Administrative Assistant, managing all aspects of the research process and overseeing the firm’s administrative activity.

Clara is an avid art historian, with a particular passion Italian art from the Quattrocento and an acute understanding of the art market. She holds a B.A. in Law from Paris Descartes University and an M.A. in Collection Studies from the University of Warwick.

Nicolas Boghossian

Junior Consultant

Nicolas works as Junior Consultant, overseeing the advisory sector of the firm.

Nicolas holds a BA in Art History and Economics from McGill university in Montreal. In the past, he has worked as a research assistant at Christie’s in the Post-War and Contemporary Art department in London and managed the art collection of a Brussel-based private collector.

Chloé Maus

Research Assistant

Chloé works as a Research Assistant, she researches, writes and creates artworks presentations for Ars Belga.
Chloé holds a BA in History of Art with Italian from the University of Warwick.
In the past, she has worked for Sotheby’s Paris in the Post-War and Contemporary Art department and Sotheby’s London in the 20th Century Design department.